Amazon’s New AutoRip CD to MP3 Program Gets an A+

Interesting news from Amazon – the Internet giant has come up with another winning idea called AutoRip. What it does is allows customers who have purchased eligible CD’s dating back to 1998 to have access to a free digital version too. The digital versions are stored on the cloud and folks will be able to listen to their music on tablets, smartphones and Amazon’s Cloud Player.

For those you who haven’t heard about Amazon’s Cloud Player it stores your music so you can download and play it on most any device like the iPad, Android Phone, Kindle Fire and even a Roku & more.

Click the link for more information –> Amazon Cloud Player

If you have an Amazon account you still need to sign up for the music player to gain access to your previous purchases. You can import your own music and the account holds about 250 imported songs. You can upgrade to the Premium version and get space for 250,000 songs for less than 25.00 a year WOW plus the MP3’s you buy from Amazon don’t count towards your space.

Honestly if you have bunch of old CD’s that are laying around upload and then download the music to your PC, you will have to install a file first…

“Install the latest version of the Amazon MP3 Downloader to download your music. Once installed, the MP3 Downloader will import this and all future downloads into your iTunes or Windows Media Player”

Pretty Cool is what I think and I plan on taking advantage of this this weekend.