3 Arm Cat Tunnel Play Time for Cats

I have five cats and at one time I had one of those straight cat tunnels and the cats just loved it. Later one of them peed on it and I had to throw it away.  When I had the chance to review this cat tunnel I jumped on it. It appears sturdy enough and came in a reusable bag which was well tied and once you untie it the toy springs out. If you can figure out how to wrap it back up again (I haven’t tried it may be simple) you can place it back in the bag for travel. It has one ball hanging from one of the tunnels and I sewed two more into the other tunnels.

When I first opened it up one of the cats touched it and he jumped about three feet in the air from the noise it was hilarious. I placed a bit of catnip in the tunnel so the cats would check it out. They seemed interested and played with it for a while. One of them likes to hide in it otherwise; they haven’t played in it much. I believe it’s because the weather is so hot right now, they aren’t playing with any of their toys.

A couple reviewers mentioned the tunnel doesn’t hold up well in the middle. This is true it does twist a bit especially when a cat is in it. One of my cats is over 20 pounds when she lays down it doesn’t move. The manufactures’ sent me an email asking how I liked the toy and mentioned the tunnel twisting and advised placing a towel in it. I haven’t tried that yet it seems as though it would take up a lot of room. I might stick a one pound weight in the tunnel and see if that would keep the toy from rolling. They are smaller than a towel.

Since the cats really haven’t played in it much I don’t have much to review. As I stated before I believe the weather has more to do with it than the toy itself because they loved the other one. Though as I write this review my littlest cat is actually playing in it now.

The cat tunnel makes a wrinkling noise when they are in it. This makes the others cats come over and look at what is going on. So if they’re running back and forth through the toy expect some noise. It’s not overwhelming but it may bother some people if they are watching TV.

You do need  a lot of space for this toy. The tunnel stretches out about 2 ½ to 3 feet in each direction like a “Y” shape and is about 10 inches around more or less. So if you want your cats to run through it you need enough space to let it spread out.

I  don’t have a large living room and I use a walker to get around. So moving it to another spot like my kitchen is my only option though it would be in my way if I need to get through there.

I would like to review this cat toy again in a few months after the weather cools down. This way I can judge better if the toy has held up and see if the cats play in the toy more.

I may do a little surgery on it and cut the Y shaped cat tunnel and make a longer one it might work better for my home. This is something I would only if they don’t play with it later on.

I’m giving the toy 4 stars instead of 5 because of the rolling of the toy when the cats try to get through it. If adding weight or a towel fixes that issue then I would give it 5 stars.